My Story

In my career working with some of the largest media, tech and publishing entities in the world, I've worked alongside some amazing leaders. I've also worked with some of the most challenging ones – and learned firsthand what it's like to operate in a toxic environment. Despite pressure to toe the line, I learned to stand up for myself and my team, to speak up when it was needed, and to step up to change things for the better. But my initiative – my fire – wasn't always well received.

It's true: I’ve been called a REBEL, a RULE-BREAKER and a BIG MOUTH.

In one position, my fire was met with ceaseless bullying from a boss. In another role, I was targeted by a fellow leader who tried to get me ejected from the company. Later, a colleague attempted to co-opt my work to advance their own position. These experiences left me feeling shattered – questioning my vision and values, and my skills as a leader. They also taught me there's a lot of work to be done in supporting innovative leaders and addressing corporate trauma. That's when I realized I was made for something different – helping other rebels and change-makers focus their energy, drive and inner fire to make a difference, and guiding them through challenges and opportunities along the way.

About Me:
Henri Emile METIVIER

My dynamic corporate journey has spanned industries including media, tech, and publishing. Experiencing the highs and lows of leadership first-hand sparked a career transformation for me. I've been called a rebel, rule-breaker, and a big mouth, andI've channeled these qualities into becoming a Certified Master Coach specializing in trauma-informed, whole-person coaching. My focus is on regenerative leadership and consciousness, a path inspired by the destructive cycle of extractive business practices that I've witnessed firsthand.

I've become a firm believer in a regenerative future, seeing it as the sustainable path forward. Now, I channel my experiences into working with executives, seasoned leaders, and entrepreneurs. I assist them in reconnecting with their bodies, nurturing sustainable growth, and crafting a regenerative life on their own terms.

Through the Elementum Coaching Institute, I became a trauma-informed Certified Master Coach. My education includes developmental and intrapersonal psychology, somatic release techniques, non-violent communication, neuro-linguistic programming, IFS, embodied cognition, among other modalities. I strive to use this knowledge to foster transformation, growth, and lasting change.

For me, coaching is a calling;  IT SETS MY WHOLE BODY ON FIRE.

As a coach, I work at holding safe, non-judgmental space for my clients, and I'm known for helping them sift through the chaos to distill an issue down to its essence. My comprehensive training allows me to draw on a diverse set of tools and techniques to work with clients in different roles and at varying stages of their careers and life. As a gay business owner, I prioritize equitability and inclusivity in my coaching practice, including creating safe and supportive containers for others in the LGBTQ+ community.

My Core Values

Core values serve as a cultural cornerstone for a business. They can't be compromised for convenience or gain, and defining them helps you make decisions in alignment with who you are, how you work and live, and who you want to become. My core values explain who I am and how I work as a coach.