for a new generation.

Focus Your Fire
There's a light in you. A fire. And it’s there for a reason.
It's not so you can sit still and accept the status quo. It's so you can stand up and make things happen. Make a difference. For yourself and for others. That's what your inner fire is for, and it's time to do something with it.
I empower PIONEERS, INNOVATORS and INTENTIONAL LEADERS to give space, air and fuel to their fire.
I do it through individual coaching, executive and group coaching, and coaching intensives for entrepreneurs, company leaders and corporate executives.

The time has passed to sit still, play small, keep quiet. It’s time to focus your fire. And let it burn.

Coaching for a New Generation of Leaders

You've already watched it for too long: Companies putting profits over people. Employees expected to give it their all for so little. Teams told to make the most of it with minimal resources. Do company leaders even realize what they're asking for? Do they view their people as individuals? Do they see the toxic culture they're creating? And are you part of the cycle?
Are you complicit?

You see the inequities – and the opportunities.

Maybe you’ve already tried speaking up and “making waves.” Or you’ve stepped away to create something new. But even when you feel a pressing need to change the way things are done, standing up against accepted standards is damn hard. Whether you’re part of a large organization or an entrepreneur, you can face resistance – from your company, your team or yourself. Sometimes it's easier to just do things the way they’ve always been done.

But you can't deny it: Where there's smoke, THERE'S FIRE.

It's a tricky balance. I know. I've been there as a leader in media, tech and publishing. If you let your fire burn, you risk burning it all down. But keep it in, and all you feel is hopelessness, despair, resentment, burnt out, and rage. Contained or set free, fire can be destructive. But it also brings renewal. It clears the way and creates conditions for change.

So we have to talk about what holds you back. That feeling of tightness in your chest. The self-doubt. Those are limiting beliefs that come from corporate trauma, legacy narratives or mindset issues. That’s where coaching comes in. So you can let your fire out – with focus. So you can innovate. Create change. And make space for new growth.

An Intentional, Whole-Person Approach

As Simon Sinek says, leadership isn't about taking charge. It's about taking care of those in your charge. As a leader and innovator, you're in a position of impact, whether you work for a corporation or own your own company.

Your role is your chance to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.

To expand your own awareness and skills to support the people who look to you for guidance. It's not a chance to be wasted.

But we usually arrive at our roles with some history to unpack, and corporate trauma is culturally pervasive. It gets in the way of our progress. It has an effect on our sense of self-worth. It can also warp our ability to trust and support those we work with. Or let wounded employees make leadership decisions.

Becoming the kind of leader you want to see in the world starts with 

To think about not just what you want to achieve, but how to do it. It's about focusing your passions and vision to make space for innovation and growth. Or learning new skills to create the change you want to see.

As a coach, I provide the space for you to look at the big questions: How do you want to show up in your role? What needs to change? What do you want to be known for? Then we break it down to focus on the details: How do you use your energy and time? Where should you leverage your strengths? How will you build on your skills to realize your vision? It's a whole-person approach designed to help you move beyond barriers and lead with intention.

About Me:
Henri Emile Metivier

I've worked with some of the largest media, tech and publishing entities in the world. They can be challenging industries, to say the least. I know what it's like to try to operate in a toxic environment. How it feels to be under-resourced when stepping into a leadership role.

In working to create change, I’ve been called a REBEL, a LEADER, a BIG MOUTH.

My experience taught me there's a lot of work to be done in supporting innovative leaders and addressing corporate trauma. I understand why so many of us feel an undeniable need to do things differently, and how coaching provides a path for success.


It’s hard to put into words the impact that Henri has had on my personal and professional growth, but one comes to mind – transformational.

It’s not hyperbole to say that my life and career were in a very tenuous, uncertain place when I connected with him. I genuinely thought that I was too big, too loud, too much to build a career, let alone a life in politics and media. But, he got me.

Henri understood what I brought to the table. He helped me see my own potential in all its facets, and guided me with thoughtfulness, openness, and more than a little straight talk – he calls me on my shit while making me believe in my own power and capacity to do more. The me today is far more self-directed, self-assured, and self-aligned than I could’ve ever imagined, and that is thanks in part to the advice and guidance provided by Henri… Like I said, transformational.

If you have the opportunity to be coached by Henri or even have a conversation with him, prepare yourself for a powerful experience and be ready to do the deep work, because it will be worth it for your business, your relationships, your career, and ultimately yourself.

Malik Wright

Political Strategist & Commentator

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

I’d considered a coach before but never really thought it could make a difference, I’ve got an MBA and believe I’m smart enough.  But then the teacher appeared.  And the year spent working with Henri was more powerful than I could have imagined; professionally and personally.  When we started I was freelancing and trying to chase my passion project as a hustle.  Together we clarified my real purpose, defined the business and then it was off to the races.  During this time I was able to transition from the overwhelm of working IN my business to the power of working ON my business, evolving it into something that is sustainable beyond trading hours for dollars.  

What a wild ride it’s been.

Working with Henri has been a godsend.  I’ve spent 50, scratch that, 49 years developing the tracks in my mind telling me not to want a life bigger…and reinforcing the reasons it’s not achievable.  And one year opening my eyes to all the ways I’ve gotten in my own way.  Our sessions were always comfortable and thought-provoking.  When you show up in your business, you show up as your whole self, so we looked deep at everything from prioritizing and eliminating overwhelm, to improving interpersonal relationships through agreement setting.  Although we’ve not actually met in person, Henri is family and a regular appearance in my morning gratitude practice.  

Heather Langendorfer

CEO, Unbound Inbound

Henri is one of the best in the industry. Working with him is a powerful and transformative experience. Not only was I able to uncover deeper parts of myself that I didn't realize were holding me back, but I was also able to shift from stagnant energy to more motivation and inspiration to reach my goals.

Henri's work gave me the freedom to not judge myself, make decisions that aligned with my values, and focus on the goals that mattered most to me. Plus, he helped me to release the internal dialogues that were preventing me from moving forward.

Because of Henri, I walked away with clarity, new insight, and actionable steps that I can use forever! In addition, I received genuine, authentic, and organic support. He's an active listener and a caring coach. He centers each session around your immediate needs that lead to long-term, empowered transformation. If you want practical growth with heart, mind, and spiritual alignment, I highly recommend him!

Sonja McCord

CEO, Sonja McCord X

Being coached by Henri is a gift, and one which has changed the way I understand myself and who I want to be in the world. The space he creates with fierce love and non-judgement feels like a playground in which I can explore what is possible for me and for the world, where I’m holding myself back, what’s in my way, and what needs to shift so I can make the possibility become real. Which, with his help and constant unconditional belief and encouragement, I have started to do. My business has grown and taken on new and better forms thanks to his brilliant questions, thoughtful reflections, nudges and – at the right moments – him calling me out on my BS.

I have built healthier relationships and found ways through seemingly impossible conflicts. I am happier in myself, in who I am, and able to enjoy the life I have more. Henri won’t ever stop at the surface level, he will get to the want behind the want, the goal behind the goal, what really actually matters. He is not afraid to dig deep, and find transformation even in the most seemingly superficial of places. Some of the blocks I have faced have been deeply complicated, including those rooted in trauma. While I have a therapist to do the trauma healing work with, Henri is aware and deeply informed about trauma and so is able to allow us to hold it safely, and explore around the edges of it. It means that we can still focus on moving forward into the future, and no need to delve into the depths of the trauma wounds, but knowing he has the capacity to manage and make space for and awareness of these aspects of me is really significant. Working with Henri is fun, hard, easy, complex, deep, light-hearted, and transformative all at once. I hope that as many people as possible get the opportunity to experience his presence in their lifetime. If it’s an option for you – take it!

Samantha Hawkins

Leadership Coach

Henri acts as both guide and provocateur as he shined light in areas I forgot were there and he stretched me beyond limits I never knew I had. His wisdom, attention and support gave me the space to shift out dated beliefs and false truths I had of who I was; so that I can take ownership of who I really am.  Thank you Henri for being my guiding light when my batteries needed recharging and reminding me where the recharger is. I can now walk on the path I’ve always wanted to be on.

Tanya Vlakancic-Dajcic

Holistic Health Coach

Being in Henri’s presence alone makes me a better version of myself! Add his coaching on top of it - wow, truly life changing. He is the real deal! Henri’s innate ability to listen, to hear what I am actually saying and then to distill the information (so I can understand what I am saying) is paramount. One of my favorite things about him is that he is a rebel with a heart of gold and tenderness. I feel so supported, seen and heard in his presence, yet also appropriately challenged and held accountable. The deeper, personal perspectives that he holds space for me to tap into are unique and enlightening - it’s magical really! Another important quality I seek in a coach is intuition, which Henri has in spades! I really cannot recommend Henri enough. I will always cherish and hold dear to my heart the impact he has made (and continues to make) in my life!

Heather Joseph

Life Coach

From a client's partner:

My gal worked with Henri for a year and it was the best year of my life!  She learned to develop agreement rather than expectations, organize her thoughts and follow through on plans.. I’ve watched not just her business thrive, but our relationship has grown too.  And, through all the dinners of her saying “well Henri said…” I learned a few things that have helped my life and career too. What a great opportunity if you get the chance to work with Henri.

Terry Johnson

Business Owner