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Many of us think of leaders in the corporate sense – those who hold a title and a literal seat at the table of a large company. But leaders come from all corners and industries, and an increasingly fluid work environment means many leaders no longer fit a conventional mold.

Working outside the bounds of an organization comes with unique benefits – and unique challenges. If you're like the inventors, scientists, authors and athletes I work with, you may have the freedom to pursue your own vision, but you're the only one responsible for pushing yourself to the next level. Or you’ve reached the top of the corporate ladder and you’re looking to exit, but you’re wondering how you'll do on your own without the structure and support for focusing your fire.

As a coach, I work with innovators who are leading their own charge. With solopreneurs, inventors, athletes and LGBTQ+ rebels who are committed to making a meaningful impact. Through coaching, I can help you focus your energy, influence, talent and intellect to make a difference for yourself and your community as part of a new generation of leaders.

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You're the Type Who Takes Action

If you're working outside of a traditional work environment, or you've reached the top level in your field, you may be skilled at keeping yourself motivated and on-task. But when you're on your own, sometimes it can be hard to remember what you're really working toward. You may find yourself without a sounding board for figuring out what comes next, or wondering if your work still has meaning and relevance.

Limiting beliefs can affect your ability to grow your business or make clear decisions for launching your next project, product or service. And the weight of being solely responsible for your own success can trap you in a cycle of negative thinking, or keep you from taking the next big step in your growth.

Even with all you've achieved, you might feel the dreaded imposter syndrome, or find yourself revisiting self-doubt and legacy narratives that tell you "success" is meant for someone else. To innovate and level up, you may also need to develop new skills, but it can be hard to gauge the soft spots in your strengths when it's just you.

You're not the type to let others hold you back; you're the type who takes action.

Coaching provides you with the momentum and framework to charge ahead.

Are we a fit?

Every coach brings their own skills and experience to the table, and it's important to find a coach whose style and approach align with your goals.

I’ve been called a rebel, a rule-breaker and a big mouth. After years working in media, tech and publishing, I realized I was made to help other rebels and change-makers make a difference.

We're the right fit if:

  • You're ready to invest in yourself and put in the work.
  • You don't need to be convinced that your work and impact are important.
  • You're okay with being challenged to do things differently.
  • You're self-motivated – known as a badass, a go-getter, a rebel, big mouth, or innovator.
  • You're a lifelong learner and curiosity is your superpower.

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What to Expect

Coaching provides time and space for you to give voice to your experiences so you can define what's most important to you personally, professionally and for your organization. We'll identify and work through blocks and barriers that are holding you back, so you feel confident the work you're doing is aligned with who you are. So you feel engaged, excited and driven – in your position, your career, your life.  

Together, we'll dig into the specific business issues you need to address for the short and long term. We'll use EQ and 360 assessments to go deeper, alongside inner and somatic tools to address past experiences and personal challenges. Through my whole-person approach, you'll learn techniques to build greater self-awareness around your role and impact – in a process that goes far beyond skills-based coaching.

  • Clarify your vision for your work and life
  • Identify key goals that align with your vision and core values
  • Examine outdated mindsets and instill new ones
  • Work through self-doubt and limiting beliefs
  • Address corporate trauma and legacy narratives
  • Identify key strengths and development areas
  • Cultivate awareness around the power of intention
  • Learn to lead with vulnerability and authenticity
  • Identify and connect with other changemakers
  • Align your efforts with the legacy you want to create
  • Make a plan of action to reach your goals
  • Create practices for staying motivated, confident and engaged

Individual Coaching Packages

My coaching packages provide a deep level of support over a six-month or one-year time frame. This duration gives us time to ride out cycles throughout the year and to see the impact of your commitment to creating change and growth.

Individual coaching is tailored to your needs and the specific goals you want to achieve, beginning with creating clarity around your vision. We’ll start with a call to find out if we're the right fit. When we decide to work together, we'll plan a weekly or monthly call schedule that aligns with your needs and the goals you want to achieve in coaching.

Find Out if We're a Fit