Group Coaching with a Difference

Maybe you've always felt a little different. You're not the type to simply accept the status quo. Or you have an instinct to chart your course on your own terms. Maybe being told "no" ignites a spark in you. Or you hear a challenge in the words, "it's always been done that way." If so, The Creator group coaching experience was made for you.

THE CREATOR EXPERIENCE was made for you if you:

  • Know you have a voice and want to use it more effectively.
  • Aren't afraid to be challenged.
  • Are ready to put in the effort to move forward.
  • Aren't intimidated by going deep.
  • Want to show up in your work without the bullshit.

Whether or not you've ever been called a rebel, a rule-breaker or a big mouth (like I have), you do things differently, and now is the time to build on your strengths.

Are we a fit?

Every coach brings their own skills and experience to the table, and it's important to find a coach whose style and approach align with your goals.

I’ve been called a rebel, a rule-breaker and a big mouth. After years working in media, tech and publishing, I realized I was made to help other rebels and change-makers make a difference.

We're the right fit if:

  • You're ready to invest in yourself and put in the work.
  • You don't need to be convinced that your work and impact are important.
  • You're okay with being challenged to do things differently.
  • You're self-motivated – known as a badass, a go-getter, a rebel, big mouth, or innovator.
  • You're a lifelong learner and curiosity is your superpower.

Find Out if We're a Fit

What to Expect

Group coaching offers a multitude of benefits. First and foremost, accountability and support are built into the group coaching model, which naturally spur motivation and commitment. The group setting provides opportunities to engage with and learn from people at different points in their career, with diverse life experiences and fresh perspectives.

THE CREATOR EXPERIENCE was made for you if you:

  • Building the confidence to release your greatness.
  • Shedding your "shoulds".
  • Intentionally cultivating your rebellious nature.
  • Creating excitement about what you're doing.
  • Putting yourself out there in a way that doesn't feel draining.
  • Avoiding burnout.
  • Feeling alive in everything you do.
and so much more.

Because my coaching groups are made up of cohorts of 6-8 individuals, you get to see the progress of others, support their trials and successes, and actively share your own challenges and wins. The small group setting allows for personal interaction and meaningful engagement with other group members, and a genuine sense of connection and community.

THE CREATOR Group Coaching

The Creator group coaching experience is designed as a mastermind for people ready to put it all on the line. The program is six months in duration, and cohorts are formed twice a year. Our work begins with a  one-hour, fee-waived session to focus on your goals and vision, and to see if we’re a fit, and if you're a fit for the group dynamic.  

The six-month group program begins once all cohort spots are filled, but coaching starts as soon as you sign up. If you join before the cohort fills, you’ll get started with the same coaching benefits, including three, 2-hour sessions per month, email and chat support, on-demand laser coaching and more, as the group grows.

The clock starts on our six-month group experience only once each spot is spoken for. This advance coaching gives us valuable extra time to hone in on what’s alive and present for you before the official group experience begins, and it’s my way of thanking you for committing to our work together.

6-Month Group Coaching Experience

  • Three 2-hour sessions per month, with one week off (integration week)
  • Unlimited email and chat coaching from me, Henri Emile
  • On-demand laser coaching to help you through obstacles
  • One-on-one and group coaching during our sessions
  • Online group to keep us connected, inspired and supporting each other
Pricing: $6,500
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